In the market for a crib mattress? Here are 5 things to look for when buying.

1. Made in the USA.

Many crib mattresses are made in China. Chinese mattress manufacturing plants have lesser standards to adhere to and therefore generally are filled with more chemicals and lesser quality materials. 



2. Certi-PUR-US Certified

Certi-PUR-US certified mattresses meets all federal flammability standards without the use of chemical fire retardants. You and your baby can sleep well knowing the mattress contains no ozone depleters, no CFC's, no lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde and no phthalates. 



3. 2 Sided - Infant & Toddler Sides

Two foam layers allow for proper support for infants as well as the option to flip over to a softer feel for toddlers as they get heavier. This extends the lifespan of the mattress and prevents you from having to purchase two separate mattresses (a toddler mattress and a crib mattress) .



4. Waterproof Protection 

A waterproof mattress is not only a cleaning luxury it is important for the health and safety of your child. With all the accidents children have, a non-waterproof mattress will eventually build up mold which can be a health concern, especially since your childs face will be against it for long periods of time. 



5. Open-cell foam structure 

High quality mattresses utilize an open cell foam structure. Open-cell foam provides temperature control, longer lasting support, minimizes off-gasing and maximizes airflow throughout the mattress.